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Quality Fleet Wash Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

At Expertz Fleet Services, we have a qualified team of truck wash operators working carefully to accommodate your fleet cleaning requirements in in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the surrounding areas. Being built in 2020, our facility is brand new with a 100-feet long wash bay to service your fleet at once. The wash facility is appropriately heated and equipped with high-tech equipment for efficient interior and exterior washing and cleaning. With our drive-in facility, you can just drive into our facility and park trucks and trailers. It is not necessary for the trailers to be unhooked for the service. For every wash, we use biodegradable, Canadian Food Expectation Agency approved and HACCP certified products, except acid wash, which is non-biodegradable.

We are open seven days a week, servicing all types of fleet vehicles and any size of the fleet.

New Truck Wash Facility

At our brand new facility, we can thoroughly wash, cleanse and sanitize your fleet. Visit us today for any of the below wash services in Manitoba:

Truck wash


Trailer wash inside/outside


Parking Rental for Trucks and Trailers

If you want a secure parking space for your fleet in Manitoba, you got it!

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