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MPI Approved Safety Inspection Station in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Whether you have recently expanded your fleet or are looking for regular inspection, Expertz Fleet Services provides MPI safety inspections for your fleet. From heavy trucks, diesel trucks to semi-trucks, we can provide safety inspection for any commercial vehicle type in Winnipeg and surrounding MB.

When you buy a truck or trailer, bring it to our facility for an inspection and receive a safety document for its licensing. Also, it is necessary to get an annual inspection of your fleet. So, register for our annual inspection program. We keep track of every truck that we have serviced before and send reminders when the service is due. Get in touch with us to ensure that you own a safe commercial fleet and have an inspection certificate for each vehicle.

Licensed Annual Safety Inspection

To provide you with a safety certificate, we inspect the vehicle and ensure that all truck or trailer parts are operating correctly. Our licensed technicians perform a thorough inspection of the truck or trailer before issuing an MPI Safety clearance.


Is Your Vehicle Roadworthy?

Visit our inspection station and find out today!

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