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Long Term Fleet Parking Rental in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Expertz Fleet Services offers long-term parking rentals for trucks and trailers in Winnipeg, Manitoba Our secure parking facility is situated at 142 Samborski Drive and has a 7-feet high fence with a 1-feet high bar wire fence. For your convenience and security, we have automated gates with access only to our customers, 24-hours camera surveillance, 14 flag lights, as well as cement pads for loaded trailers. Our parking is also equipped with electricity for your trucks.

If you want to book a space for your fleet, you will have to reserve it for a minimum period of one month. Contact us to rent a parking space in Winnipeg, Manitoba today.

Why Choose Our Parking Rental Service?

Find the many great reasons to park your vehicles with us below. With us, you get:

Automated facility

Complete security

Access-controlled entry

Flexible rental agreements

Fully fenced and enclosed parking

And more

If you are convinced, we would love to reserve a parking spot for your fleet.


Certified Technicians for Vehicle Inspection

If you are looking for an MPI approved safety inspection station, you’re in the right place!

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